HHS Lockdown Drill Today

Posted by Bill Brossman on 4/11/2024 1:00:00 PM

HHS conducted a Lockdown Drill today. Today’s drill was designed to test our ability to respond to an emergency during a portion of the day when some students were at lunch and to practice the inform portion of ALICE.  Students were notified via the public address system that we would be conducting a drill. Students were asked to follow their normal routines and react to the lockdown announcement in the way that gave them the best chance of survival and to utilize their ALICE training. 

The majority of students locked down in their period 3 classrooms, some students chose to evacuate the building. The students and staff in the cafeteria responded appropriately to the situation as well. All students chose what was best for them in their given situation. At the conclusion of the drill, students resumed their day. 

Thank you to our staff and students for their cooperation and diligence in conducting our safety drills (Fire, Severe Weather, Lockdown, Hold).