Reminders: Holiday Shoppe Volunteers Needed & Quick Notes

Posted by Ron Swantner on 11/28/2022 12:30:00 PM

Our Holiday Shoppe Week is just around the corner and we continue to need volunteer help! Without parents to help the children shop, we will not be able to host this fun event for our children in which they are given the chance to buy gifts ranging from $.25- $20 for their family and friends. The Holiday Shoppe will run from December 5-9. Children have designated class times when they can shop or they can shop after hours at LPC on Friday, December 9 from 4-8pm. Please consider giving some of your time to help us with this fun event! Volunteer sign up:

This Friday, most of our LPC students have earned the opportunity to view a movie as part of our PBIS Incentive Assemblies for showing safety, respect and responsibility. The movie we are hopeful to show does have a “PG” rating. The movie aligns with our current social stories and skills when it comes to having our students verbally share their emotions and feelings as we all learn to better understand each other, show empathy, problem solve, and add tools and resources to our strategies box of learning. Please contact me if you would prefer to NOT have your child view this movie or if you have more questions regarding it. I can be reached at (717) 898-5519 or via email at

Quick notes:

• Our clothing supply in the nurse’s office is significantly diminished. Any donations to help with unexpected needs will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help with this request!

• We are continuing to work on building others up and filling buckets at LPC! Please take time to review the seriousness of the words your child uses with others. Any threats or violent statements made towards others are taken very seriously and do not have a place in our school or our community, for that matter. Please remind your child that negative and inappropriate comments will not be tolerated and will result in consequences. Thanks for your continued partnership in this important area.

• Parents – if you are planning on attending special events in your child’s classroom, please know it is the teacher and school’s expectation that students stay in school after the event for any final lessons prior to dismissal. Unless you are signing your child out from their teacher’s classroom after 3:15pm, they will receive unexcused tardy minutes on their state-reported attendance. Thanks in advance for planning accordingly and keeping communication open with your child’s classroom teacher.

• If you have any concerns or questions regarding your child and what is happening in his/her classroom, please pick up the phone or send an e-mail to the teacher. It is important to keep lines of communication open between home and school, so that we can make certain we are all on the same page for helping your child. After doing this, if you feel you are still not on the same page, please call Mr. Swantner and we can set up a time to meet together to refocus and prioritize making certain our focus is on your child.