iPad Care Reminder

Posted by Cheryl Irwin-Bass on 11/22/2021 1:00:00 PM

Because we often find that with a holiday break comes misplaced, locked, and/or broken iPads, we're 
asking that you take a moment to read the following reminders regarding iPad care:

  • Encourage your children to find a safe place to store their iPads at home where it won’t get lost or broken. They should tell an adult where it is being kept and return it to that spot whenever it is not in use.
  • If you are traveling, it’s probably a good idea to leave the iPad at home in a “safe spot”.
  • Encourage your children to take a break from their iPads to enjoy family and friends along with other activities.  Just be sure to put the iPad in their “safe spot”.
  • LOST iPADS should be reported to your child’s teacher immediately following the break.
  • Locked iPads with unknown passcodes should be reported to the teacher immediately following break. If the iPad says “Connect to iTunes” it will need to be erased.

Thanks so much and have a great break!