Flash Fundraising Opportunity Via Box Tops for Education – Five Days Only!!

Posted by Kimberly Snyder on 10/27/2021 3:30:00 PM

Want to help the Landisville PTO earn potentially thousands of dollars over the next five days???  Here’s how:  


Parents, grandparents, teachers, friends, co-workers.... anyone who is not already a participant in the Box Top for Education program



Box Tops for Education program will pay LPC or LIC a combined 100 bonus box tops (the equivalent of $10) for every new enrollee when they enroll via the link and referral code below and submit one receipt by 10/31/2021



Now through 11:59p October 31, 2021 ONLY



Use referral code C2RR5QKN when you sign up via the following link




It’s FREE MONEY and an easy way to help us earn $10 per enrollee! For every 100 new participants who complete the below process, we earn $1,000 towards the Landisville PTO!



1.     Download the app via your smart phone and enroll via the link above AND referral code (IMPORTANT: if you do not enter the code, we do not earn any box tops)

2.     Purchase at least one qualifying Box Top items. The most common is a box of General Mills cereal or Old El Paso Taco products but here’s a link of all qualifying items


3.     Snap a copy of your grocery receipt with the qualifying item and submit via the app by October 31, 2021.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!  IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE THIS STEP, WE WILL NOT EARN ANY BOX TOPS

4.     Both accounts (new enrollee and person referring -in this case, April Custer’s Ways and Means, account – will be automatically credited 50 box tops each for a total of 100 towards the Landisville PTO NOT INCLUDING any box tops you earn from your submission.


A few FAQ’s

Ten dollars is not a lot of money. Why should I participate?

Ten dollars, alone, is not a lot of money. However, between the two schools with over 1,100 students, we have only approximately 100 accounts associated with our schools.  For every 100 new enrollees (whom do not have to be parents of students or local to the area), we earn $1,000 towards the Landisville PTO!  If most parents participated in this promotion, alone, we would close the gap on or exceed our Fit Walk Fundraising goal!!!!

I am already enrolled in the program, how can I help?

Great and thank you for participating. You can still earn the school money by asking family and friends to enroll either using your own referral code found in the app when you log on or by forwarding this one.  For every completed referral you make, we still make $10 if they choose LPC or LIC as their school of choice.

What if the person I referred completed the process but does not select LPC or LIC as their school of choice?

That’s ok too! While we prefer they do in order to maximize earnings, we would still earn $5 if they used the referral code above as it is tied to LPC. 

To whom does the referral code above belong?

April Custer, Ways and Means Coordinator of the Landisville PTO, tied to LPC

Does April Custer receive a personal incentive for using her referral code?

The only incentive is the additional 50 box tops that is paid directly to LPC (which the Landisville PTO manages)

Must I use the above code for the school(s) to earn the Box Tops?

No BUT you must have a referral code from an existing Box Top program participant who is tied to either LIC or LPC in order for our school(s)/PTO to earn the promotional Box Tops.

What if I enroll but do not submit a receipt with a qualifying product by 10/31. Will the school receive a partial award?

NO! You must complete all requirements for the school(s) to receive monies.  We recommend you just go out and buy one product and immediately submit the receipt as to not delay or forget, AND, it’s easier to submit a short receipt with 1-2 items than a long one with a week’s worth of groceries  :-)

Do I have to submit receipts regularly to Box Tops for Education?

While we do receive a minimum of 10 cents for every qualified purchase made when receipts are submitted, you are not required to continue to submit receipts in order for the schools/PTO to receive this promotional 100 Box Tops/$10. Even if you plan on never using again, PLEASE still enroll within the window and submit one receipt so we can earn the $10!!

Is there a limit on the number of referrals that can be made?

Not that we have been communicated. Programs rules state, “while supplies last,” but we are not aware if there has been a maximum place.  Maxing out the program promotion would be a great problem to have!