Sixth Grade School Counseling Lesson - Self Advocacy

Posted by Samantha Eck on 9/29/2017 10:30:00 AM

Dear Parents and Guardians of Sixth Grade Students:

This week, all sixth grade students were involved in a presentation and discussion of personal responsibility and self-advocacy, as part of the district-wide classroom counseling curriculum. The presentation emphasizes the need to know yourself, understand your needs, and identify the best way to be proactive about meeting your needs.

To assess the “knowing yourself” component of self-advocacy, the students completed a Multiple Intelligence Survey. As a class, we then analyzed our strengths and weaknesses leading into a discussion of how this impacts our everyday performance in the classroom. This will lead into a follow up lesson about goal-setting, where your child will set a goal, steps for reaching that goal, as well as resources and support needed to reach the identified goal.

I have collected the Multiple Intelligence Survey and Goal Setting worksheet to review but will return these to your child to bring home to you shortly. I’ve also included the survey at the end of this letter, along with a little bit about each area of intelligence. Please have a conversation with your child about our lesson this weekend. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by calling the school at (717)618-5642.

Thank You,

Kate Kasabo
Landisville Intermediate Center Counselor