Fourth Grade School Counseling Lesson - Self Control

Posted by Samantha Eck on 9/26/2017

Dear Parents and Guardians of Fourth Grade Students:

Last week, all fourth grade students were involved in an introductory lesson about executive functions. The lesson consisted of a presentation, activity, and discussion about different skills, or executive functions in our brain help us to make choices and accomplish tasks. The specific skill on which we focused was self-control. 

In order to understand the need for self-control we discussed impulses; a strong desire or reaction to do something without thinking about it first. We talked about the way that acting on impulses often leads to negative consequences. We then learned several strategies for improving self-control, and how, like any skill, it is something that can be improved with lots of practice!

I’ve compiled a list of ways to help your child practice their self-control. You can view this full letter and the resources by visiting the LIC School Counseling webpage. Please have a conversation with your child about our lesson and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by calling the school at (717)618-5642.

Thank You,

Kate Kasabo
School Counselor
Landisville Intermediate Center