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Message from the Hempfield Board of School Directors

The Hempfield Board of School Directors will soon be entering into negotiations with the Hempfield Education Association (HEA), as the current 4-year collective bargaining agreement with district teaching staff expires on June 30, 2019. Under the Sunshine Act, negotiations strategies and discussions are permitted to occur during Executive Sessions. However, in the interest of transparency, our intent is to update our stakeholders from time to time on the progress of these discussions. 

Throughout 2018, board members prepared for the bargaining process by meeting with and listening to thoughts from HEA representatives, formulating ideas, and exploring options regarding negotiations. Subsequently and following much discussion, the Board has decided to form an integrated committee comprised of both board members and a representative from its current solicitor of record, Fox Rothschild to negotiate the next contract. Hempfield's administrative staff will also support this process, especially in the areas of financial projecting and planning.  

Our goal is simple: to collaboratively develop a mutually acceptable, sustainable contract that our valued teaching staff and community stakeholders can support. Again, we will update you on this important process as it evolves during the coming months.

Thank you -
The Hempfield Board of School Directors