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Follow Up From District Administration

The district remains committed to a thorough investigation of the April 25th after-school event at the high school and that work is underway. While we continue to receive questions regarding the investigation, we will not be sharing information that could jeopardize the integrity of an active investigation. That would be inappropriate and directly in conflict with the commitment the district made to a fair and thorough review.

The investigation is being conducted in accordance with Pennsylvania School Code and board policy which sets forth processes and procedures that must be followed to ensure a fair and due process. Conducting an investigation of this nature takes a considerable amount of time and our commitment to that process does not allow for rushing to conclusions to meet the false deadlines of others.

In the absence of being able to provide additional information during this active investigation period, sometimes people rush to their own conclusions without the facts, speculate, and/or share misinformation. The district will not respond to these claims as it could hamper the very investigation that has been called for and is deserved.  

Throughout the investigation, we remain focused on the specifics of the event that drove the initial concern, which is the inappropriateness of the attire of the guests in accordance with the school dress code policy and the nature of the performance in a school setting. This investigation is not an attack on the GSA Club nor the LBGTQ+ community.

The ultimate goal of the investigation is to accurately uncover the facts of what occurred and how, and determine appropriate next steps. At the conclusion of the report, recommendations will be made based on the findings and appropriate actions will be determined to prevent a similar occurrence.