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Statement of the Hempfield School Board Regarding Student Participation in Athletics

The Hempfield School District is proud to provide a wide breadth of athletic opportunities. We sponsor 44 interscholastic athletic teams with the goal of enhancing the student experience while supporting community engagement and spirit. Athletic involvement promotes personal growth, encourages physical activity, builds discipline and teamwork, and imparts critical life lessons about sportsmanship, integrity, and overcoming adversity. The Board reaffirms these principles and supports student participation in district athletic programs.

Recently, members of the Hempfield community have raised important questions about district athletics, with thoughtful concerns about athletic integrity, student participation and eligibility, gender equity, and safety. The Board notes these concerns and is always thankful for the robust and insightful community engagement that is a hallmark of our District.

In the coming weeks, a committee of board members, students, coaches, and administrators will convene to review and update Hempfield's policy on interscholastic athletic participation. The committee will provide regular updates on its work during public board meetings in May and June. It is anticipated that the Board will formally adopt any policy changes at the July or August meeting, in time for the fall 2021 athletic season. 

Community members who wish to provide comments for committee consideration are welcome to speak at public Board meetings or communicate directly with district administrators and/or board members.

Thank you –

The Hempfield Board of School Directors