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Collective Bargaining Statement from Hempfield Board of School Directors

August 28, 2019

Members of the Hempfield Board of School Directors and the Hempfield Education Association (HEA), which represents the teachers and other certificated employees of the district, have been meeting regularly since January 2019 in order to enter into a successful collective bargaining agreement. While progress has been made on a range of subjects important to our bargaining staff, some areas remain unsettled. On Monday evening, August 26, the parties engaged in another bargaining session and continue to negotiate in good faith.

It is the Board’s understanding that the HEA has invoked “work to rule.” This is when our teaching staff may choose to abide by the HEA’s direction to do no more than the absolute minimum required by the rules of their existing collective bargaining agreement. The community can anticipate that our schools may operate differently in the short term. For example, teachers may not answer emails or return calls after school hours or engage with students and parents/guardians prior to the beginning of their contractual work day. In addition, while many of our dedicated teachers have assisted in welcoming students during morning drop off and afternoon pick up, this may not continue. Rest assured, the District will make necessary adjustments to ensure student safety.

Meanwhile, it is important to understand that our teaching staff is being paid during ongoing negotiations. The Board of School Directors recently passed a resolution invoking “status quo” conditions, which means that teachers will continue to receive salary and benefits in accordance with the final year of the existing contract.

The Board strongly desires to come to an agreement with the HEA that is competitive for our valued teaching staff but also fiscally responsible and sustainable for all community stakeholders. As with any negotiation, thoughtful compromise is critical, from both sides, to reach a successful outcome. The Board continues to engage in the negotiations process with this goal in mind.

We know that everyone – our teachers, support staff, administration, students and families, board members, and community – is impacted in some way by this process, and further understand that it is challenging for all. We ask for your patience as we work towards our continuing goal of providing the best possible educational experience for Hempfield students now and in the future!

Thank you –

The Hempfield Board of School Directors 

Bill Otto
Adam Aloisi
Mike Donato
Dan Forry
Linda Johnston
Grant Keener
Jim Maurer
Charles Merris
Chris Smiley