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Lead Testing Information

Effective this school year, Pennsylvania’s Public School Code was amended (by Act 39 of 2018) to encourage schools to test for lead in their drinking water or require schools that do not test to discuss lead issues at a public meeting. The recommendation from our School Board’s Buildings & Grounds Committee was to conduct baseline, random sampling from each elementary school, our two middle schools, Landisville Education Center, the high school, and our administration building. 

We are pleased to report that our lead testing results indicated that our samples meet state and federal standards for safe drinking water. The law provides that school districts must implement a plan if results exceed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) national primary drinking water standard of 15 parts per billion (ppb). No action plan is necessary in our buildings based on our testing results.

As communicated earlier, we did not have any reason to believe that our buildings have high lead levels for two reasons. First, all of our buildings were built or renovated after 1994. Any lead piping was removed at this time and the main water lines were replaced. In addition, all of our buildings are supplied by public water authorities, which are required to test and report on water quality.

For more information and resources about lead in drinking water, visit the PA Department of Education website.