Driver's Education

  • Online Instruction
    Registration for online driver education is open. Please click here to register for the course. Be sure to register for the 30-hour course, which will cost $49. DO NOT register for the $29.00, 10-hour course, as this WILL NOT count for the certification of completion of a PDE-approved course or for credit at HHS.

    Registration will remain open as a rolling admission. Any student who registers for the course will be required to contact Dr. Harrington and schedule their final examination within two semesters and prior to graduation. Final examinations can be scheduled earlier if the student has satisfactorily completed all of the modules and quizzes. Final exams can be taken during flex or right after school and should be scheduled in advance through the tenth grade office.

    You must click here to register for the course first.

    Once registered, students should access the course through the virtual drive website using the login/password assigned during registration. Students should work diligently through the 10 lessons, as Dr. Harrington will monitor progress and contact parents if students are not completing the lessons.

    Behind-the-Wheel Instruction
    Students, 16 years of age or older, who possess a driver’s learner permit qualify to participate in Behind-the-Wheel training. This is not offered by our school district.

    AAA Driving School
    The comprehensive in-car instruction focuses on defensive driving techniques, understanding the vehicle, city driving, expressway driving, country driving and parallel parking. The Driver Training Cars are equipped with automatic transmission and dual brake controls. These vehicles are maintained in excellent operating condition and are fully insured. All of the in-car instructors are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. For more information, please refer to the AAA Driving School’s Informational Brochure.