Board of School Directors

    Our school board is a locally-elected government body that serves as the agent of the state legislature and the representatives of the community in providing a high-quality public education for the students of the school district.
    School Board members perform three fundamental functions:
    • Hiring and supervision of the Superintendent
    • Setting board policy
    • Enacting the district's annual budget
    Additional responsibilities of the School Board include: establishing, equipping, and maintaining school buildings, adopting textbooks, approving the annual school calendar, appointing teachers and administrators and determining salaries, and entering into contracts.
    Our school board consists of nine, unpaid members who serve a four-year term. School board elections are held every two years, and the number of seats up for election is staggered, with five seats elected one term, then four seats elected the alternate term.

    School Board Committee Structure

    The Hempfield Board of School Directors utilizes a committee structure to efficiently accomplish their work. The standing committees, including Buildings & Grounds, Education & Programs, Finance, and Policy, Personnel & Legal meet on a regular schedule to complete due diligence. These meetings are all open to the public. The committee then reports information and recommendations to the full board.

    On the first Tuesday of each month, the School Board meets as a whole committee to hear standing committee reports and recommendations, and review potential voting items. Although voting can occur during the first School Board Meeting, most voting occurs during the second meeting, on the second Tuesday of each month, which is called the Regular Meeting.

    School Board & Committee Meetings Resident Request to Comment 

    If a Hempfield resident is requesting to address the board during the public comment portion of the meeting, please complete this form linked here. There is a 3:00 p.m. deadline the day of the meeting for you to register to speak.  If you would like to schedule to speak at more than one School Board meeting (Committee, Regular, or one of the Standing Committee Meetings), you must complete one form per each date available. If you are unable to complete this form and need assistance please contact the Communications Department at 717-898-5539 or at

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