Small Group Counseling

  • Throughout the year, Mr. Resh will be offering small group counseling opportunities to students in grades K-3 at LPC. Small groups provide students with an opportunity to share ideas and practice skills in ways that are not always possible in the larger classroom environment. These groups are for all students and are developmental in nature. Students who share a common concern, meet together with the counselor to receive support through talking, learning and sharing. Students are selected for participation in these groups through teacher/counselor input, observation, referral, and parental requests.

    Groups will begin after October Parent-Teacher Conferences and will be coordinated with classroom teachers to minimize the loss of instructional time. Some groups meet during lunch and are better known as “Lunch Bunch Groups.” Groups take place once a week for 20-30 minutes and run for approximately five to six sessions.

    Discussions held within groups are confidential, but children will be encouraged to share with their parents what they are learning about themselves and their individual progress. In order for your son or daughter to participate, a group permission slip must be signed and returned to Mr. Resh.
    Mr. Resh will also be meeting with all new LPC students (Grades 1-3)  during Lunch Bunches at the beginning of the school year to see how they are transitioning to their new school. 

    Possible Counseling Groups for the 2015-2016 School Year
    • Stress Busters - Stress, anxiety, nervousness, anger, strong emotions
      This group seeks to help students develop better coping skills to deal with everyday stressors and anger. Group goals include identifying personal strengths/interests, understanding and recognizing personal feelings/emotions, developing self-control techniques, and learning appropriate responses to stressful situations through the use of effective coping strategies.
    • Filler Friends - Friendships, social skills
      This group strives to help students develop positive peer relationships/social skills. Goals include identifying personal strengths/interests, learning how to initiate/maintain friendships, identifying qualities that make someone a good friend, learning effective communication skills, increasing self-confidence, and helping students learn appropriate problem-solving and conflict resolution strategies.
    • Super-Self - Self-esteem, confidence
      This group strives to help students develop a positive self-concept and gain confidence in their social interactions and academic performance. Goals include identifying personal strengths/interests, increasing self-confidence and self-awareness, and helping students learn appropriate problem-solving and conflict resolution strategies.
    • Family Matters - Divorce, separation, incarceration, military deployment
      This group helps students explore and normalize feelings that may be associated with families who are experiencing change. Group goals include identifying and understanding personal feelings/emotions as well as learning positive ways to adjust/cope to the new changes in their family.
    • K Club - Kindergarten Students Only
      This group is designed to meet the needs of many different students based on teacher/parent feedback. The group will help students develop a basic understanding of positive school behaviors, appropriate social skill development (how to make and maintain positive friendships), and important skill building in the areas of stress and anger management.
    Please contact Mr. Resh if you are interested in learning more and/or signing your student up for one of these groups!