HHS Parking Rules

  • It is very important that the school be able to identify the owner of any vehicle parked on campus during the course of the school day; therefore, all student parking on campus is by permit only. Carefully read the information provided below prior to completing the form.

    1. Any student driving and parking his/her car on campus MUST register the vehicle by obtaining a parking permit.
    2. Student parking will be confined to the performing arts center parking lot, the stadium parking lot, the quad parking lot or the LMS parking lot.  Student parking spaces are numbered. Students may not park in visitor, faculty, reserved, or handicapped parking.
    3. Permits are not transferable and must be used by the student to whom it is assigned. 
    4. Student permits will be issued by levels with no assigned space. Numbers on permits designate a particular student NOT a particular parking space.

    Level 1- PAC/Stadium/Quad/LMS (Yellow)-available to seniors only.

    Level 2- Stadium/Quad/LMS (Navy)-available to all students.

    1. Students are permitted to park in the lot for the Level they purchased and any level below. (A student with a Level 1 permit is allowed to park in the PAC, Stadium, or Quad/LMS; a student with a Level 2 permit is allowed to park in the Stadium or Quad/LMS.)
    2. Purchasing a particular Level does not guarantee a spot in a particular lot. Parking is first come first serve in the Level purchased.
    3. Permits MUST be displayed at all times. Vehicles not displaying a permit may be subject to a parking violation.
    4. The cost of a permit will be $15.00 if purchased semester 1 or $10.00 if purchased semester 2. 
    5. Students who are successful in obtaining a parking permit must submit online payment through MySchoolBucks>School Store> Parking
    6. ONLY STUDENTS WITH VALID LICENSES (NOT PERMITS) MAY APPLY! Students must produce a valid driver’s license in order to pick up the permit. 
    7. Students owing obligations for books, fees, etc. will not receive a parking permit until the obligation is met.  The student should see their house office to take care of any obligations.
    8. Students with excessive absences (more than 10 days) may lose their parking privilege, without refund.
    9. Students who are suspended from school for disciplinary reasons may lose their parking privilege, without refund.
    10. Students who park illegally on campus will receive:

    First violation-Warning

    Second violation-Vehicle immobilized ($25 removal fee) and an after-school detention

    Third violation-Ticket by the East Hempfield Police Department and progressive discipline

    Fourth violation-Vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense and progressive discipline

    1. Students speeding or driving in a reckless manner on campus may also be ticketed and may lose parking privileges, without refund.
    2. All students should report immediately to the high school building upon arrival to school; students should leave the parking lots as soon as they are dismissed from school.  Loitering will not be permitted in the parking lots.
    3. Hempfield High School is not responsible for the security of vehicles (or the contents therein) while parked on the school grounds.
    4. Parking fees are non-refundable. If school is canceled or shutdown refunds will NOT be issued.


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