Reading and Literacy Department

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    Our school district focuses on the literacy development of each student as they progress through their K-12 education. All Hempfield students should be able to read and write in different genres and for a variety of purposes and audiences. They should be active, strategic, and independent users of print, spoken language, and electronic text.

    Each elementary school has one or more reading specialists who work closely with teachers and staff to analyze assessment data and plan appropriate evidence-based interventions for students who may experience difficulty in some aspect of literacy. Reading specialists also deliver specialized instruction to groups of students.

    Elementary Reading
    Each elementary school also has the services of one of more reading tutors. These tutors deliver instruction under the direction of a reading specialist to small groups of students who are in need of extra instruction in literacy.
    Middle School Reading  
    Our middle schools have several reading specialists who provide daily literacy instruction to students. Individual student performance levels on various district-wide assessments determine placement in the literacy classes. This allows the reading specialists to choose materials and plan instruction that best meets the needs of the students and allows them to continue to mature as readers, writers and thinkers.  
    High School Reading 
    The high school has a reading specialist whose role is to work closely with teachers and other staff to analyze assessment data and plan instruction for students who may experience difficulty in some aspect of content literacy.