Patrick Wagner

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    Phone: 443-799-0759

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    Education / Experience

    • B.S. Marketing, York College of Pennsylvania, 2001
    • Business Consultant
    • District/Regional Sales Manager
    • PIAA Basketball Official

    Reason for Serving / Educational Philosophy

    Having automatic investment within the district with 4 young children, if I have the opportunity and capability to enrich various aspects of Hempfield School District for the students of HSD, employees of HSD as well as for the entire community, I find it my responsibility to do so. With education being a lifelong journey, it is incumbent upon us to ensure we develop as solid of a foundation as possible to help prepare our children for the quickly-changing and demanding world they will need to navigate throughout their lives.

    School Board Committee Membership

    • Hempfield Area Recreation Commission Representative
    • Education and Programs
    • Policy and Legal
Patrick Wagner