Dylan Bard

  • Contact Information

    Email Address: dylan_bard@hempfieldsd.org

    Phone: 717-572-0761

    Hempfield Resident

    18 years 

    Term of Service


    Education / Experience

    • BS Clemson University, 1995 Business Management-Finance/Logistics concentration
    • Clemson Varsity Wrestling
    • MTA Truck Driving School 1995
    • CEO Ned Bard & Son Company 2013-present
    • Sales/Ops Manager, Ned Bard 1997-2012
    • Professional Tractor Trailer Driver, Ned Bard 1995-1996

    Reason for Serving / Educational Philosophy

    It is with great pride that I am able to represent the Hempfield community and the many families it serves. My mission is to foster a school culture in which student needs are met, student interests are cultivated, faculty and staff are valued and appreciated, and the overall student and staff experience is overwhelmingly positive. Decisions will be made that are in the best interest of the students and that demonstrate good stewardship of community resources. Our students should leave Hempfield School District with a strong educational foundation propelling them to pursue their dreams and aspirations. Moreover, our staff should feel proud to be part of Hempfield School District.

    School Board Committee Membership

Dylan Bard