Linda Johnston

  • Contact Information

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    Phone: 717-327-3680

    Hempfield Resident

    24 years

    Term of Service


    Education / Experience

    • Masters of Education in Secondary Education Social Studies, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
    • US Army, attaining the rank of captain 
    • Taught at private Christian schools; DOD school, Germany; British military dependent school, Hong Kong; international school, China; university level, China; homeschooled, USA, China, and Germany
    • Volunteer service in our communities, including my children’s various schools and churches  
    • Lived in Germany, Hong Kong, and China as a professional and homemaker
    • Retired

    Reason for Serving / Educational Philosophy

    My educational philosophy is that every child should have the opportunity for a quality education that will hold her/him in good stead as an adult. The educational experience should be supportive of the needs of the student and responsive to parents. 

    School Board Committee Membership

Linda Johnston