Adam Aloisi

Adam Aloisi
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    1429 Amberly Street
    Lancaster, PA 17601

    Hempfield Resident

    40 years

    Education / Experience

    • Hempfield graduate, 1990
    • B.A. Penn State, 1994, cum laude
    • Broad base of fiscal experience as a business analyst, journalist, and private investor
    • HOA board member/president
    • Former PIAA referee

    Reason for Serving / Educational Philosophy

    It is a privilege to serve the institution I earned my diploma from 25 years ago. As we retrench operations and attempt to maximize robust opportunities offered to our youth in difficult economic times, we must continually, and carefully, assess the community’s ability to incrementally foot the bill. While technological advance in today's digital age should be embraced in classrooms, it should be done in a way that does not disrupt the delicate fabric upon which a quality education is delivered. 

    School Board Committee Membership

    • Hempfield Area Recreation Commission Liaison
    • Finance