Justin Wolgemuth

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    Hempfield Resident

    3 years 

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    My professional background is from the healthcare industry as a Registered Nurse. Currently, I serve in a senior operations role in long-term care. This is a space where my clinical knowledge and passion marry up well with operations and finance to support our community's most vulnerable; our elders. I spent four years serving on the Manheim Central school board in previous years.
    With my diverse background and experience, I'm honored to serve our learners, staff, administration, and community.

    Reason for Serving / Educational Philosophy

    I believe every child deserves and has a right to equal educational opportunities.   In order to help build character in our youth, we need to model and teach respect. These are foundational principles. 
    Not all children learn the same, therefore diverse learning opportunities are necessary.  I'm passionate about each child learning and achieving their highest potential.  It is truly rewarding to see young people develop, mature, and become contributing members of society, applying their talents, knowledge, and gifts.

    School Board Committee Membership

Justin Woglemuth