Senior Tax Worker Program

  • In a commitment to offer real estate tax relief to senior citizens of our district, our district implemented a Senior Tax Worker Program. This program offers senior citizens the opportunity to apply for a position as a substitute employee for the district, and to designate their net pay after taxes to an account to be applied against their tax bill.


    Any district resident taxpayer age 65 and over, who is a residential property owner in the district.

    Stand-In Alternative

    If a resident is eligible for the program but physically unable to perform the required work, any district resident who is 18 years of age or older may perform services as a “stand-in.” The individual who performs the work is subject to all applicable employment taxes. The “stand-in” must authorize their net pay to go to the eligible senior resident for credit to the program.

    Expanded Program

    To provide additional assistance to senior citizens who are unable to work in the program directly, a student volunteer alternative is available. High school students at least 16 years of age may apply to the program, and provide services from an approved list of duties on behalf of seniors who are unable to work directly in the original program.

    Application Process

    The application form must be completed and submitted to the district for consideration. Qualifications will be evaluated and selections made at the sole discretion of the district. All employment requirements must be met. Participation is subject to availability of substitute positions and is not guaranteed. An application must be submitted annually for continued participation.

    Employment Clearances

    Each accepted applicant must provide the standard employment clearances, which include the Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal Records Check, Department of Public Welfare Child Abuse History Clearance and Federal Criminal History Record Information (FBI fingerprint check). The criminal records and child abuse checks each cost $10 to be paid by the applicant. The $27 fee for the FBI fingerprint check can be paid by the applicant or by Hempfield School District to be later repaid through payroll deduction. All applicants must provide a current TB tine test, as required by district policy for the substitute assignment.

    Work Assignments

    Assignments will be based on interests, experience, and qualifications, and will be assigned by the administration of the district based on availability. Training and orientation will be provided as needed. A timecard will be completed, approved, and submitted to payroll for processing of hours worked.

    Hours Worked

    After a senior tax worker has fulfilled the credit, their name is placed at the bottom of the call list so that others can earn their full credit. There may be opportunities to work beyond the limit if there is a need for substitutes and everyone has reached their credit amount. If work results in net earnings beyond the credit allowed, a pay check will be issued for the balance.


    The earned tax credit cannot exceed the school tax assessed to the eligible household. A maximum of $550 will be accumulated as a tax credit. Two senior tax workers from one household will receive a maximum credit of $550 ($275 maximum per substitute).

    Credit Applied Against Taxes

    When a senior is ready to pay their tax bill, the accumulated credit can be applied, along with the senior’s payment of the balance due. Normal due dates apply for the discount, base and penalty periods.

    To apply for this program, you will need to complete the application process at the Hempfield Administration Building, 200 Church Street, Landisville, PA 17538. Further details are available by calling Hempfield School District at 717-898-5503.