Student Assistance Program (SAP)

If you require immediate assistance, please contact either the Franklin or Buchanan house office.

The Department of Education requires that all middle and high schools in the state of Pennsylvania provide support for students who may be considered high-risk through a student assistance program. The purpose of the Hempfield School District Student Assistance Program is to identify high-risk students who are having school problems due to alcohol or drug use, depression or other mental health problems.

The student assistance team is comprised of administrators, counselor(s), classroom teachers and school nurses.

Referrals can be made to the team by students, staff, parents, or community members as well as by self-referrals. After collecting and reviewing pertinent data, the team can then intervene and help the student by referring them to a guidance counselor, other school support services, and/or community agency assessor.

Although the primary responsibility of the school is to educate students, it is known that a student cannot learn if they are under the influence of mood-altering chemicals or if they are suffering from varying degrees of depression and suicidal thinking. Therefore, the School District has implemented the student assistance program.

On-Site Counseling

Students who would benefit from speaking to a counselor may do so. Students have the opportunity to speak to their assigned guidance counselor.

If a student proceeds through the Student Assistance Program, they may be assessed by an outside source. Our district utilizes a social worker from the PA Counseling Services. This person will assist the student to get the necessary help.

It is important to remember that the SAP team members are the liaisons among the student, parent/guardian, and counselors. SAP team members do not conduct the assessment.

Resources for Parents & Families

  • Crisis Intervention: (717) 394-2631
  • Contact/Help Line: (717) 299-4855
  • Teen Line: (717) 394-2000
  • Children & Youth Services/Child Line: (717) 299-7925
  • Catholic Social Services: (717) 299-3659
  • Life Management
    • Charter Lane: (717) 394-6688
    • Willow Valley Square: (717) 464-3428
  • Psychological Associates of Lancaster: (717) 569-8511
  • Mental Health Association: (717) 397-7461
  • Lancaster Counseling Center: (717) 299-5106
  • Hospice: (717) 295-3900
  • Suicide Prevention - 24 hour help line: 1-800-777-5421
  • Drug Abuse Hotline & Treatment:
    • 1-800-234-1253
    • 1-800-274-2042
  • LINC: (717) 299-2821
  • PA Counseling Services: (717) 397-8081
  • Phil Haven
    • Crisis Calls: 1-800-932-0359
    • Mt. Gretna: (717) 653-9359
    • East Petersburg: (717) 569-1166
  • Lancaster General Hospital: (717) 569-1107