2012 - 2013 CES Faculty & Staff

For email addresses, please refer to our directory page for the most updated information.


Office Staff

          Janet Baer, Principal
          LuAnn Bicevskis, Clerical Aide
          Mary McGettigan, Secretary

2nd Grade Staff

          Laura Bear
          Mary Chesters
          Heather Fagan
          Fran FitzGerald

5th Grade Staff

          Sylvia Kilheffer
          Ric Petrosky
          Erin Settle

Gifted Services

          Amy Heth, Secretary
          Eileen Little, Coordinator
          Dan Snyderman, Teacher


          Sue Allen, Technology
          Elizabeth Burns, Art
          Sarah DeMaria, Librarian
          Kelly Gumble, Music
          Sally Hart, Music
          Heather Lister, Librarian
          Kathy Martin, Librarian
          Philip Smith, Music
          Paul Taylor, Physical Education

Food Services

          Kari Claxton
          Kimberly Hart
          Diane Herr, Asst. Manager
          Marcy Kulp
          Tiffany Lonkowske, Manager
          Alanna Sarak


Kindergarten Staff

          Jill Baronak
          Ashley Cope
          Dominique Roda
          Colleen Whiteside

3rd Grade Staff

          Anne Dorman
          Virginia Garner
          Kim Titone

6th Grade Staff

          Heather Grimm
          Wendy Hallowell
          Nicholas Kouros

Student Services

          Danielle Frederick, Autistic Support
          Rachel Keating, Speech Clinician
          Melissa Nolt, Therapy Asst. (COTA)
          Kris Vitucci, Psychologist
          Vickie Zodet, Occupational Therapist

Special Education Services

          Jessica Ames, Teacher
          Leah Blank, Aide
          Melinda Brown, Teacher
          Christy Davis, Teacher
          Mary Long, Aide
          Lisa Loughry, Teacher
          Laurie Martin, Aide
          Linda Shelly, Aide

Building Aides

          Susan Batastini, Instructional
          Julie Guerin, Instructional
          Shannon Hughes, Noon
          Jeanette Longenecker, Instructional
          Katy McMurtrie, Noon
          Patty Schmidt, Noon
          Kirsten Webbere, Noon
          Mindy Witmer, Noon


1st Grade Staff

          Amanda Failla
          Shannon Hess
          Jen Miller

4th Grade Staff

          Ronda Anderson
          Jennifer Martzall
          Laura Sangrey

Health Services

          Donna Fischer, Nurse
          Amy Koerner, Counselor
          Angela Martino, Nurse

Additional Services

          Jennifer Baer, ESL Teacher
          Cathy Cieslinski, IST Teacher
          Cara Greer, Math Aide
          Deborah Heisey, ESL Aide
          Kerry Wolfe, Math Specialist

Reading Services

          Barbara Brenner, Tutor
          Beka Leaman, Literacy Coach
          Trisha Pearson, Literacy Coach
          Nancy Pott, Tutor
          Kim Rineer, Literacy Coach
          Mary Roth, Specialist
          Amy Saporetti, Specialist

Custodial Services

          Kathryn Armold
          Gene Crites
          Bob Zunner, Bldg. Supervisor