Secondary Education: High School


A philosophy of education presents the highest aspirations of a school system, and the school should strive for these ideals in every situation. Specifically, the school should assist students to adjust to life situations; to create within themselves a respect for others; to acquire mental and social discipline; to foster an individual sense of values; to develop an awareness of change; to be guided in the responsibilities of being and selecting leaders; to be aware of the privileges, the duties, and the responsibilities of living in a free society.

To have the student discover his/her potential and contribute to society is the primary goal of education. The school should attempt to provide a diversified curriculum to challenge the capabilities of every student. Therefore, an effort should be made to stimulate independent thought, self-expression, self-discipline, clear communication, and a respect for all learning experiences. Moreover, the school should provide extracurricular and cultural enrichment to enhance the student’s life experience.

The realization of this philosophy is dependent upon a faculty, administration, school board, family and community who display awareness, commitment, and understanding. By striving for these ideals, the school encourages each student to become an effective and contributing member of society.

Curriculum & Academic Departments

Hempfield offers a wide variety of courses which contribute to many fields of study.  Below is a list of the most common fields of study at the high school level.  For more information on individual courses and grade levels, please refer to the curriculum webpage.  For information on our extracurricular  programs, please refer to our extracurriculars webpage.


Business, Computer, & IT 
Family & Consumer Sciences
Foreign Language
Gifted Services
Health & Physical Education
Library Services
Open Campus Programs
Social Studies
Technology and Engineering


For More Information

Check out Hempfield High School's Homepage for information regarding academics and facilities, the latest news on what high school students are doing, and more.

High School Info

Chris Adams
Assistant Superintendent
(717) 898-5561


Grade 9 Student Handbook 2014-2015

Grades 10-12 Student Handbook 2014-2015

Curriculum Guide 2015 - 2016

Grading & Reporting Guidelines [PDF]


Wilbur Stout, Jr. High School Principal
Mark Reinhardt Grade 12 Principal
William Brossman Grade 11 Principal
Jodi Harrington Grade 10 Principal
Beth Brumbaugh Grade 9 Principal

 For contact information on other staff members, please refer to our email directory

Daily Bell Schedule

Warning Bell 7:28
Homeroom 7:33-7:39
Period 1 7:44-9:04
Period 2* 9:09-10:35
Period 3 10:40-12:00
Period 4 12:05-1:25
Period 5 1:30-2:50
3A - Lunch/Flex 10:40-11:10 / 11:15-12:00
3B - Flex/Lunch 10:40-11:25 / 11:30-12:00
4A - Lunch/Flex 12:05-12:35 / 12:40-1:25
4B - Flex/Lunch 12:05-12:50 / 12:55-1:25

For information on other bell schedules accommodating for school delays, assemblies, and alpha homerooms, please refer to the High School Student Handbook. 

*Period 2 is longer due to announcements.