Elementary Education


The years spent in elementary school are very important to the long-term development of each child, for it is during these years that most children are first introduced to a diverse set of formal learning processes, forming the foundation on which the rest of their school career will be built. It is the objective of the Hempfield Elementary Schools to engage students in learning experiences that are positive and growth-focused. To accomplish this aim, we strive to provide students with challenging, developmentally appropriate instruction and the support necessary to build the strong foundation needed for success now and in the future.

Our district’s elementary program includes learning experiences in language arts, mathematics, science, health, social studies, art, music andphysical education. Teachers work very hard to develop relationships with students and to gather information regarding interests and background experiences that can be used to tailor learning experiences to facilitate growth of the “whole child.” A rich diversity of guided learning experiences focused on standards-based instruction and each student’s social and emotional growth constitute the “backbone” of our elementary program.

Members of our elementary staff look forward to working cooperatively with parents to cultivate a positive and rewarding experience for our students. We urge parents to take an active interest in school activities through attendance at school functions. We also request that parents make their child’s regular attendance of school a top priority; because the correlation between attendance and student success at school is so strong, we believe it is essential that regular attendance be maintained so that our students can fully realize the benefits of our education program. Through a strong partnership between the home and school marked by clear communication, cooperation, and mutual support of the students, we are confident that our  elementary students' school experience will be successful.

Curriculum & Academic Departments

Hempfield offers a wide variety of courses which contribute to many fields of study.  Below is a list of the most common fields of study at the elementary school level.  For more information on individual courses and grade levels, please refer to the curriculum webpage 


Health & Phys. Ed.
Library Services
Social Studies


For More Information

Please be sure to check out each building's homepage for information regarding academics and facilities, the latest news features on what elementary school students are doing, and a surplus of other online services.

Centerville Elementary Homepage
East Petersburg Elementary Homepage
Farmdale Elementary Homepage
Landisville Intermediate Homepage

Landisville Primary Homepage
Mountville Elementary Homepage
Rohrerstown Elementary Homepage



Elementary Info

Chris Adams
Assistant Superintendent
(717) 898-5561


14-15 Elementary Handbook [PDF]

Grading & Reporting Guidelines [PDF]

Kindergarten Information 



Janet Baer CES Principal
Kim Rauscher EPES Principal
Rachel Martin FES Principal
Rick Bentley LIC Principal
Ron Swantner LPC Principal
Maria Hoover MES Principal
Kathy Swantner RES Principal

For contact information on other staff members, please refer to our email directory 


Daily  Schedule

Doors Open 8:40
School Begins 9:00
AM Kindergarten Dismissal 11:45
PM Kindergarten Begins 12:45
Dismissal of Students 3:30

Recess and lunch times vary depending on student grade level.