Superintendent's Parent Advisory Council (SPAC)

SPAC is a district-level organization, which works to update parents on K-12 district initiatives and changes in policy and procedure.  Parents are nominated to serve on this council by their school principal, and aid in giving highly valued perspective to current and upcoming district policies.  These representative parents then return to their buildings' parent teacher organizations to inform parents and others about district-related actives, initiatives, and programs.  For more information on SPAC, please call our communications office at (717) 898-5539. 

Parent Teacher Organizations

Each building in our district has a parent teacher organization, which strives to support the students and staff in as many ways as possible.  Any individual who has a child attending one of our schools is a member of that building's parent teacher organization.  These organizations each have a PTO board which consists of at least a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.  Their meetings can also include the building principal, teacher representatives, and SPAC representatives.  For more information, please refer to your building's parent teacher organization listed to the right.

Hempfield Partners for Exceptional Children (HPEC)

HPEC is a group for parents of students with special needs. Our group helps to form a partnership between parents and staff to improve parent - school communication and understanding of student needs and educational services. For more information, please check out our website.

Volunteer Information

The Hempfield School District welcomes individuals who are interested in volunteering.  A volunteer is a person who services the district without compensation on a planned, approved, and regular basis. For further information on open volunteer positions, please refer to our volunteer applications.