Health & Physical Education Department


The Hempfield Elementary Physical Education Program strives to challenge each student with a wide variety of movement experiences. Students are expected to give their best effort during all skills, activities, and games. Activities are designed to provide maximum participation, movement potential, and an opportunity for success for each student involved. Following directions, especially in regards to safety and good sportsmanship, are integral parts of each class. Cooperation with others and competition against ones self is stressed throughout the year.  Students are encouraged to be active every day so that they can develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


Middle school health is intended to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to make appropriate decisions about their personal health and wellness. They analyze how heredity, the environment, and personal choices can impact their health. The material learned in this class helps each student live a healthier lifestyle. The physical education curriculum provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully participate in various physical activities. It is understood that moderate to vigorous physical activity, at least three times a week, is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The ultimate goal of this class is to give students the tools to maintain and/or enhance their level of personal health and physical fitness. The units of instruction include a variety of team and individual sports as well as instruction in how to develop and maintain personal fitness.

Physical education at the high school is aligned with the Pennsylvania State standards, and helps students develop the skills and concepts necessary to participate in an active and healthy lifestyle. A choice of electives enables the student to select courses in their area of interest. An emphasis is placed upon personal wellness and fitness, with instruction in goal setting, workout design, and encouragement to identify healthful activities they can pursue beyond high school to cope with stress, maintain a healthy level of fitness, and enjoy leisure time. Students participate in things such as aerobic exercise, strength training and conditioning, lifetime sports, team sports, and net sports.

High School Health education is aligned with the PA State Standards, and 10th grade students meet every other day, to learn how to develop and maintain a healthy life style. Students learn how to attain the knowledge, skills, and motivation that they need to choose health-enhancing behaviors. An emphasis is placed on practical application of the information rather than rote memorization of anatomy & physiology.