Foreign Language Department


The vision of the Foreign Language Department is student ownership of linguistic skills and cultural awareness needed to understand, accept, communicate, and connect in a global society.


It is the mission of the Foreign Language Department to provide meaningful and relevant opportunities for students to develop abilities in another language while also promoting cultural understanding and sensitivity.

The Foreign Language Department at Hempfield School District is composed of Chinese, French, German, Latin, and Spanish. Students may begin their language study during 8th grade and are exposed to all five choices of languages upon entering the high school. Our teachers are passionate, dedicated, and exceptional in their abilities to “bring language to life” and provide rigorous and applicable experiences for students.

We offer more than 30 courses within the department including numerous levels of each language taught. Several courses are also available via Open Campus PA, and students are able to benefit by collaborating with students from other school districts. Our district also participates in the Society for Academic Excellence in Foreign Languages (SAEFL) which recognizes outstanding achievement by students in higher-level language courses.

During the course of their study in foreign languages, students are prepared for the “real world” in which they will be required to communicate in these languages. Students understand the importance of acquiring a foreign language and how it will impact their futures. Our Language Lab in the high school, a high-tech computer-based software program, allows students an additional opportunity to practice these everyday situations and develop a comfortable approach to communication.

Explore our links, become familiar with our programs, and embrace the “love of languages” that is thriving in our district. Check our Foreign Language Blog for frequent updates and important news.