Family and Consumer Sciences Department

The Family and Consumer Science teachers at Hempfield strive to empower individuals, strengthen families, and enable communities. They have a passion for teaching "real world knowledge" that will help students make informed decisions and be confident consumers, as well as healthier citizens. 

At Hempfield, students in grades 7 through 9 are required to take Family and Consumer Sciences as part of the Pennsylvania Department of Education's Chapter 4 standards. Students in Grades 7 and 8 are introduced to Family and Consumer Sciences through consumer education, goals and decision making, communication and interpersonal skills, sewing and textiles, food and nutrition. Students in Grade 9, are required to take Fundamentals of Family and Consumer Sciences, where they explore Career Education, Food Safety and Preservation, Finance and Resource Management, Balancing Family, Work and Community as well as Parenting and Infant Care. 

Students at the high school level, also have the opportunity to take a variety of elective course offerings in Family and Consumer Sciences.  Come discover what we are all about!

Preschool Program

In the preschool program, we strive to help each child attain a positive self concept. Socialization, sharing, and the value of friendship are also stressed. Throughout the semester, high school students work with the preschool children in a student-teacher capacity. Each week has a designated theme in which the high school students are responsible for creating a lesson and planning activities, games, and songs to carry out the learning experience. Guests and other appropriate activities are often included to enhance the learning experiences for children. For more information, such as age requirements, tuition, and how to register, please check out our Preschool Program Blog.