English Department

The English Department of the Hempfield School District helps students develop essential skills for success in and beyond the classroom. Recognizing the universal need for clear communication, classes focus on improving reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Middle school students explore literature on academic and personal levels, interpreting a wide variety of literary types, including poetry, drama, short stories, and novels. They also practice writing and speaking for different purposes and audiences, and engage in a general study of the English language.

High school students continue to develop these skills to meet the eventual demands of higher education or the work place, all while exploring the themes and styles of world, American, and British literature. High school students may also choose from diverse electives focusing on film, creative writing, public speaking, theatre, and communication technology.

The English Department promotes the development of well-read and well-spoken students who will eventually take their place in the world as informed, aware, and involved citizens.

Summer Required Reading Assignments

Citation Movie Resources

Grade 7 Reading Assignment
Grade 8 Reading Assignment
Grade 9 Reading Assignment
Grade 10 Reading Assignment
Grade 11 Reading Assignment
Grade 12 Reading Assignment
AP Reading Assignment
Humanities Reading Assignment

Citing CLC Overview
Citing CLC Reprints
Citing NfS Overview
Citing NfS Reprinted Source
Citing NfS Criticism NOT A Reprint



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