Proposed Strategic Plan for 2008-2014

In September of 2008, the Hempfield School Board approved the district's six-year strategic plan through the 2013-2014 school year.

The district uses the Pa. Department of Education (PDE) management tool called eSP to monitor implementation and reporting of the following six components or sub-plans of our strategic plan: 1) Chapter 4 (Assessment and Accountability), 2) Professional Development, 3) Induction, 4) Technology, 5) Student Services and 6) Special Education. Below, you see four key guiding anchors used by our district's strategic plan steering team: mission, vision, shared beliefs and goals. To view any of the six sub-plans, use the access links located to the left of this page.

Our district appreciates feedback regarding our plan. As you read our planning information, please forward any questions or suggestions to us through contacting Chris Adams
, Assistant Superintendent at (717) 898-5562.


The mission of the Hempfield School District community is to provide rigorous, relevant, responsive, and safe educational opportunities for students to become lifelong learners and contributing citizens in a diverse, global society.


The vision of the Hempfield School District is the achievement and success of all students.

Shared Values

We believe that:

  • Effective schools are built upon integrity and foster safe, respectful, inclusive, and dynamic environments
  • Instruction needs to be differentiated in order to engage students in respectful, meaningful tasks.
  • Innovative programs that utilize community resources need to be continuously developed and improved to support the social/emotional/physical, academic and career development of all students in order to broaden the educational and life skills needed for successful transition into adulthood.
  • Respecting and valuing diversity is part of the educational process and part of developing contributing members of both local and global societies.
  • By encouraging a process of lifelong learning we increase our capacity to develop contributing members of society, thus creating a better life for our students and world in which we all live.
  • For each student to attain a high level of academic achievement, curriculum must be both rigorous for and relevant to the student.


Goal #1

Four-Year Graduation Rate - The Hempfield School District’s graduate rate will meet an 80% threshold and/or show growth.

Goal #2

Mathematics Achievement - At least 56% of all students will be proficient in Mathematics, as measured by the annual state-wide PSSA assessments.

Goal #3

Reading Achievement - At least 63% of all students will be proficient in Reading, as measured by the annual state-wide PSSA assessments.

Goal #4

Student Attendance (any school that does not graduate seniors) - Student attendance will meet a 90% threshold and/or show growth.

Goal #5

Student Participation in State Assessments - At least 95% of eligible students will participate in required state-wide assessments.