Employment Information

New Employee Paperwork

Applicants must complete all of the paperwork below. These forms may be downloaded and completed in advance, or applicants may complete these forms at the Human Resources Office. Hempfield School District complies with the Pennsylvania Department of Education's policy on background checks for school employees. 

Please Note: There will be additional forms that cannot be downloaded and must be filled out in person at the Human Resources Office.

Substitute Information

The Hempfield School District has a continuous need for substitute teachers during the entire school year. Because this need arises across all curricular areas, substitute teachers in all subjects and grade levels are necessary. It is our obligation, whenever possible, to assign a person certified in the subject area to be taught. To submit your application to substitute in Hempfield schools, please click here. For more information, please refer to our Substitute Teacher Handbook

Hempfield School District is currently using Aesop, a Web-based / automated phone system for substitute placements. Instructions for using Aesop are included in the Aesop Substitute Guide.

Volunteer Information

The Hempfield School District welcomes individuals who are interested in volunteering.  A volunteer is a person who services the district without compensation on a planned, approved, and regular basis. For further information on open volunteer positions, please refer to our volunteer applications.