Business Office Purchasing Department

Purchasing of instructional supplies and equipment for the Hempfield School District is coordinated by the Business Office Purchasing Department.  Instructions to purchase via eschoolmall or specific vendor agreements can be accessed by staff members. Refer to staff instruction page. You must be logged in as a Hempfield Employee to access this page.

The district has agreements with certain vendors as a result of participation in local and national purchasing cooperatives.  These vendors should be the primary source of purchasing as they offer the best discounts and in many cases free or reduced shipping charges.  Vendors included in these agreements have met bidding requirements set by Pennsylvania State Law.  Purchase Orders for items, not included in these agreements, over $6,100, must be accompanied by 3 quotes.  If the estimated cost is over $15,200, the item must be bid prior to purchase.  Please contact Ruth Bernhardt at (717) 898-5570 with any questions. 

General, Athletic and Activity Fund Purchasing Guidelines

Anticipated purchases on behalf of the Hempfield School District General Fund should be requested on an Eschoolmall Requisition.  Requisitions should be completed by following instructions on the eschoolmall link on the staff instruction page.  Submitted requisitions are electronically sent for approval to Department Supervisors (if applicable), Building Principals and Assistant Superintendent.  If approved, the requisitions move to the Director of Finance for a final approval.  Requisitions are then assigned a Purchase Order number and forwarded to the Vendor.

Purchases for the Athletic Department / General Fund will be processed by Steve Mummaw / Dennis Vicidomini through the eschoolmall system.  Coaches should submit requests to the Athletic Directors on a timely basis, well in advance of the start of the sport season.  This allows the Athletic Directors to do price checking and make purchases from vendors that do not charge shipping.  Purchases by Coaching Staff will not be reimbursed by the district.  Only emergency purchases with prior Athletic Director approval will be processed for reimbursement or payment. 

All purchases made on behalf of the Hempfield High School or Middle Schools Activity Fund should be requested on a paper form labeled Activity Fund Purchase Order.  This form can be obtained from Pat Nonnemacher, the HS Principal's Office or either Middle School Office.  Completed forms should be signed by the Advisor, a Student Representative and the Building Principal.  The white copy of the form should be mailed to the vendor.