Visual Arts

We live in a visual world where communications are enhanced through artistic understandings.  Our goal, in the Hempfield Art Department is to awaken and empower the artistic voice within each and every student. Through meaningful learning experiences we invent solutions, solve problems, construct meaning, question, investigate and connect to other disciplines.  Students learn to truly look, see and interpret the world around them.

Efforts start in the elementary schools and develop through elective courses at the high school level.  Students can delve into a wide variety of art styles, including but not limited to fine metals, hot glass, clay, fibers, drawing, sculpting, painting, and printmaking.  Each building in the district endeavors to foster developing artistic minds through the display of student artwork in their spring art show.  We invite you to wake the creative spirit within and empower your understandings through the visual arts.

Each building in the district holds an annual art show showcasing student artwork.  Students, parents, and community members are invited to attend.  Please refer to the district calendar to see when your student's building will be hosting its arts night.

Department Information