Music Department Faculty & Staff

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Johanna Baker
MES Choral Instructor

Adam Gumble
HHS Band Instructor

David Houck
CES Choral Instructor

Ed Marstellar
EPES Choral Instructor

Alan Mudrick
Department Supervisor


Kimberly Ernst
CMS, LMS, LPC Choral Instructor

Kelly Gumble
CES, EPES, FES, LIC Band Instructor

Jess Kling
FES Choral Instructor

Colin McCaskey
CMS, LMS Band Instructor

Sherry Ober
MES, RES Band Instructor

Erin Stewart
CMS, LMS Choral Instructor


Carrie Fritz
RES Choral Instructor

Sally Hart
CES, MES, RES Strings Instructor

Beth Lavender
FES, HHS, LMS Strings Instructor

Jen Meyer
CMS, EPES, LIC Strings Instructor

Candace Ord
LIC, HHS Choral Instructor