Hempfield Curriculum

The Hempfield School District is committed to providing a K-12, standards-aligned, rigorous and relevant, 21st Century curriculum for all students, in all content areas, and in all grades and courses.

This curriculum is kept current and is continuously improved through the implementation of our Spring 2010 Board approved Curriculum Audit and Revision Cycle.  Over a six-year period of time, members of our 15 academic departments engage in each of the components of the cycle to ensure curricular alignment with the Pennsylvania Academic Standards of Achievement, refine our local assessment plans, and engage students in research-based learning experiences that are designed to promote college and career readiness upon graduation.  While the cycle provides a structure to ensure an intentional focus on each step of the curriculum development process, it is still flexible and nimble in order to permit responsiveness to new initiatives and frequent changes required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

To learn more about the curriculum offered by the Hempfield School District, please contact the respective academic department leader, principal, director of curriculum Ms. Drue Feilmeier, or assistant superintendent Dr. Chris Adams.