Science Department

The Hempfield School District has developed a curriculum K-12 to promote the development of skills that enable students to use a scientific approach to think critically about the world in which they live and construct their own perspective on scientific issues. 

Students at the middle school level are encouraged to use these skills in the development of science and engineering fair projects that can be entered in the local North Museum Science and Engineering Fair.  As students transition to the high school they continue to develop their skills in quantitative methods and the conventions of technical writing. 

The Hempfield High School Science Department offers a wide range of opportunities for students that are interested in pursuing any of the myriad of science related fields.  Students are provided a rigorous laboratory oriented curriculum in general science, biology, chemistry and physics.  Students that are interested and complete the prerequisites may choose to take elective courses including AP courses in chemistry, biology, physics (including both mechanics and electricity and magnetism), environmental science as well as biology II and chemistry II.  All of these courses are designed for students that are interested in exploring careers in the sciences and secondary educational opportunities.  Students continue to have the opportunity to develop and design science and engineering fair projects that have gained some of our students local, state and national recognition for their work.