Music Department

Recent studies have demonstrated clearly that music education enhances numerous aspects of a child's social development and academic success.  Students who experience music fully in a public school setting are better participants in group activities, have better emotional expression, and exhibit better emotional management in their lives.  The Vision of the Hempfield School District Music Department is the enrichment of our students, our community, and ourselves through the art of music. 

The Mission of the Hempfield School District Music Department is to provide varied and engaging classroom, rehearsal, lesson, and performance experiences, to impart musical skills, knowledge and emotional expression, to enhance students’ wellbeing, and to inspire and nurture the love of music in all students.

Program Guidelines




Instrument Rental Option

Hempfield offers rental fees for students who use instruments owned by the school district. These fees have been established to partially offset expenses for instrument repairs and replacement. For more information on payment options and program details, please refer to this Rental Fees Program Letter.

To make payments, please refer to these Instrument Fee Payment Instructions, as well as to complete your transaction. For additional questions / concerns, please call (717) 898-5564.